The engineering company is the link between the customer and the contractor, responsibility for decisions made, mistakes made during construction are assigned to both the contractor and the engineering organization.


Engineering is a complex of engineering and consulting services for the preparation and maintenance of the construction process. The engineering company is the link between the customer and the contractor, responsibility for the decisions made, mistakes made during the construction rests with both the contractor and the engineering organization.

1. The composition and structure of engineering work

Engineering work, as a rule, can be divided into three stages:

  • The first stage is preparatory. This stage involves the participation of an engineering company at the stage of preparation for construction work (analysis of project documentation, verification and signing of estimates, signing of an agreement, approved schedules for work, financing schedules provided by the contractor.)
  • The second stage is production.At this stage, the engineering company performs a number of functions necessary for the management and control of the construction process. All necessary documents of the construction process are executed (acts for hidden work, technical supervision logbook, general logbook, welding standards logbook, reinforcing works logbook, finished product acceptance certificates).
  • The third stage is the final one. At this stage, the object is commissioned. The engineering company, together with the contractor, is responsible for putting the facility into operation. The main components of the engineering work of the second stage are shown in Fig. 2.

Analysis of design decisions.

- study of design documentation performed by the design organization, as well as work projects submitted by the contractor. In case of discrepancies in the sections of the project, violations of applicable standards, ineffective or inefficient solutions, the engineering company informs the customer about this, fully justifying its position.

Quality control of the materials used.

- The contractor is obliged to agree with the engineering company the materials used in the construction. An engineering company checks documents, certificates, passports, laboratory test results, etc. for materials used in construction.

Monitoring the implementation of design decisions.

- Engineering organization monitors the implementation of design decisions in the construction process.

Monitoring compliance with construction technology.

- the engineering company controls the technology for the implementation of construction processes, its compliance with the project of work, current standards, recommendations of manufacturers of materials.

Quality control and the volume of work performed.

- At the end of certain construction works, the engineering company accepts these works and is responsible, along with the contractor, for their quality. The engineering company endorses the certificates of completion (form KB-2v), where it also controls the volume of spent building materials. Only after such control are the works considered completed and subject to funding.

Control of budget documentation.

The engineering company as a representative of the customer studies and controls the estimates provided by the contractor. Here, control is carried out of the volume of work performed, control of prices for work and materials, as a rule, in accordance with the average market prices in a given region for a given period of time, etc.

Monitoring of documentation of the construction process.

- The availability and correctness of the documentation is checked, the execution of which should be done during construction (general journal, acts on hidden work, safety instructions, work orders, tolerances, etc.).

Monitoring compliance with construction schedules.

An engineering company monitors the implementation of calendar plans that are drawn up before construction begins.

The engineering work of our company involves the creation of certain structural units at the construction site.

PTD – production and technical department. This department is engaged in the analysis of design decisions, work production projects, analysis of the quality of the materials used, the correctness of maintaining construction documentation, etc. This department is engaged in the formation of reports informing the customer about the progress of construction work, conducts possible official correspondence with other participants in the construction process.

Technical supervision – Department of technical supervision of the construction process. This structural unit consists of diverse specialists involved in quality control of construction and production processes..

The estimated department of the engineering company is engaged in the control of the estimate documentation submitted by the contractor for payment to the customer. The number of people in each department, as well as the number of structural units, depends on the scale of the construction site.